DINNER IS CANCELED - Submissive Teen Fucked In Her Kitchen


Abel Black, Carla Cute


Blonde GODDESS Carla Cute gets fucked on the kitchen counter by the one and only Abel Black. Carla has just had a shower and she is wrapped up in a white towel. Abel is only wearing his underwear when he comes up behind her and hugs her. She was thinking about fixing up a dinner, but her date had other things on his mind. He turns her around and they start making out. Impatient, Abel picks her up, props her up on the kitchen counter and opens up her towel just enough to reveal that sweet teen pussy. He swiftly pulls his boxers down and shoves his big dick right in there! After a bit of thrusting, he strips her towel off to reveal her perfectly round boobs and finds out she even has a tattoo under there. He starts thrusting harder and harder and the teen slut is enjoying his invasion more than she'd like to admit. But her loud moans give her off. Abel will occasionally brush over her big boobs with his hand, while the other cups her perfect ass, or grabs her neck. Once they switched to standing doggy style, Carla's great ass would occasionally be treated with a good old slapping. The action was later moved to the bed where Carla was in charge. The little girl was riding him like it was her last day on Earth. As Carla's excitement grew, so did Abel's exasperation. He flipped her around and came all over her little heart-shaped butt!


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