Her Doll Like Body BEGS To Be Fucked


Butt Spencer, Sofia Divine


Sofia Divine and Butt Spencer are having some fun playing video games. However, Spencer soon becomes bored; he is looking to have fun in a different way. Seeing Sofia's amazing ass on the bed, Spencer can't contain himself; he starts fondling her ass as his cock starts getting harder. He then starts fucking Sofia from behind while she is still playing. But as Spencer starts going harder, Sofia can't resist anymore; she gives into it. She drops the game and starts to work her ass on that big cock. Spencer throws her on her back and fucks her like that for a moment, but Sofia wants to be on top now. She gets on top of Spencer and proceeds to bounce her big ass on his cock. They go back and forth from missionary to doggy style, until Spencer can't hold it anymore. He puts Sofia on her back and busts a nut on her face and tits.


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