INFLATION HITS HARD - Used Like A Cum Dumpster So She Can Live In His Apartment


Butt Spencer, Lisa Rocketcock


Lisa Rocketcock has a bit of a hard time getting by these days. The hot blonde has no place to live in anymore. Luckily, she recently met Butt Spencer. He just thought he will be a quick fling, but as soon as she heard he has a nice apartment things changed. He invites her over and he has no problem with Lisa staying, but he has one condition. She has to please him whenever he desires. Lisa lies on the bed, her body draped over it like a discarded rag. The poor teen's clothes are tattered and torn, her eyes are closed, and her hair is a tangled mess. Spencer stands over her, his face twisted in a sneer as he thrusts into her. Her body moves in sync with his, her hair falling over her face with each movement. She then climbs on top of him, her breasts bouncing with each rocking motion. He held her close, guiding her movements before finally finishing with a burst of passion, filling her up with his love and lust.


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